Sat Nam Kids Foundation

Sat Nam Kids e.V. is a German based Non Government Organisation (NGO).

Founders of Sat Nam Kids are Balprem Kaur Rieger and Sahib Kaur Sass. We are inspired to be open for encounters with different cultures and people and in this way always to be touched and educated in our hearts and minds.

By founding the NGO we followed our heart and purpose, to open up Children Yoga and Children Yoga Trainings more into the world. One important goal of our´s is, to make trainings also accessible in very low income communities and parts of countries. Our resent project is to set up a training by 2017 in South Africa.
Like in Africa and other countries our philosophy is, to train a new generation of teacher trainers as fast as possible, so that the yoga education will be continued once we are gone.
Since our NGO is operating on the income, we generate with training in more wealthy regions and donations. If you wish to donate, so that another student will have the opportunity to join our training, you are welcome to contact us!