The Training

This Training is for you, to enjoy learning, reconnect to the playfulness of your own inner child and to literally transform your life! Balprem and Sahib are an outstanding trainer team with broad skills, to support your education and transformational processes.

We combine theory and practical experience in a very inspiring, deep, profound and uplifting way in 108 teaching units. Besides a deeper understanding of the different parts of a children yoga class, you will get interesting insights on different teaching methods and study yoga philosophy, lifestyle and ethics. You will get reconnect with your own inner child and understand stunning correlations between physiology, anatomy and children yoga. 

We deeply believe in the power of personal transformation and growth! Therefore there will be time and space for profound transformation processes, which will enrich your life forever. The combination of all of theses aspects makes this training a unique opportunity and an experience of a lifetime. 


Ten Things to Do for Your Children

Love Them
Build their self-esteem
Challenge Them
Listen to Them
Expect respect
Limit them
Make God a part of their lifes
Develop a sense of learning in them
Help the to be community-minded
Let them go

– Yogi Bhajan from The Game of Love